What Has Gone Wrong With Me?
People are trying to fill a void left vacant since the fall of man in the Garden of Eden.  The greatest rejection of man is that personally experienced from the Son of God.  Every experience in life is a daily reminder that prodigal people have no peace with God.  The emotional and psychological pain experienced by the rejection of God leads people to think and act in ways that can be dysfunctional and self-destructive.
When a man understands his separation from God he can begin to receive divine light.  With that scriptural truth comes faith; faith that can overcome obstacles of doubt, unbelief and disobedience.  The entire Old Testament was written to show men that a works-based religion falls eternally short of meeting the divine standard of salvation.  As spiritual darkness gives way to scriptural deliverance, a man can be set free from the penalty of his sins and walk in newness of life.
God desires nothing more than to remove us from the bondage of our own Egypt.  He has sent a Deliverer to conquer the spiritual slavery that we all face.  We all are held in captivity to some area of our own personal temperament, experience, or choices.  Unless or until we come face-to-face with our estrangement from a holy God, we will forever remain separated, both spiritually and personally, from our Redeemer.