Kidz Club: Ages 4 - 12
What Kidz Club is all about.

Kidz Club is an exciting program initially developed as a faith-based educational program for the children of parents or guardians who come to the ministry of Reformers Unanimous to seek faith-based help for an addiction or stubborn habit. While the parents are attending their Friday-night meeting from 7 to 9pm, the children meet together under the guidance of highly-trained adults who interact and work the “Kidz” version of the Reformers Unanimous Recovery Ministries curriculum.

Listen, Listen, Listen Format
Like the adult classes, which is structured around “talk, talk, talk” program format, the children participate in three segments, “listen, listen, listen”. These segments run in length anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes.
  1. God Listens to our prayer and testimonies.
  2. We Listen to each other during challenge time.
  3. We Listen to God during the teaching message.

What We Believe about Stubborn Habits and Behaviors
We believe the Bible teaches that the Truth {Jesus} makes us free from stubborn habits and behavior before they lead to addiction. Students also participate in games, exercise, singing, and a rewards segment where children are awarded prizes for good behavior, participation, and completing their curriculum.
The main goal of Kidz Club is to identify and remove stubborn habits and behavior in children. By using the basic principles taught by Jesus and the Bible, children learn to correct their behavior before the bad behavior is repeated, becomes a habit, and eventually leads to addiction; thus repeating the same mistakes made by the adults in their life. In addition, our goal is to keep the night exciting, dynamic, and relevant so that kids will want to come back to Kidz Club over and over again!

Kidz Club Curriculum
Here at Kidz Club we want to see you learn more about God and how to KNOW him. To help us learn about God we memorize and read scripture. To help us apply God’s Word in our hearts we define, and meditate on what the Bible says. We do all this in our second Listen.
In our second Listen you will earn awards by completing Challenges in our Discipleship Challenge Books! There are 11 books in all. Those who earned awards will receive them at the end of each Class!
The awards are pins, ribbons, certificates, and when you finish all the books you get a bronze medallion!

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