What Has Gone Wrong With Typical Addictions Programs?
We are wired to be self-reliant.  We believe that we are self-made men and women.  It has been ingrained in our mentality since we were children.  We train and teach our children to believe in them selves.  We encourage students to achieve their highest potential so they can be self-sustaining in the work world.
We soon realize that fate and circumstances are cruel reminders of the reality of life.  So in the midst of our trials and tribulations we increase our efforts and resolve to work harder and strive further.  And we find that the more we sacrifice the more we realize we have surrendered important and significant aspects of our livelihood.  At first we tend to make small compromises of integrity and honesty.  We find expedient excuses for finding comfort in thoughts, actions and behaviors that temporarily relieve the pain and discomfort from our unfulfilled expectations.  We find justification for these indiscretions.
Now the stage is set for a cycle of self-help and self-effort that will eventually end in failure and self-destruction.  No man can conquer his personal strongholds by will power.  More determination will not produce satisfaction.